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12:38 PM Katello Feature #22563 (Closed): RH Repos: hook up repository content type selector
Applied in changeset commit:katello|112de8c129e484ac4e8f6f56e9ae4693d877f11c.
12:38 PM Katello Feature #22371 (Closed): RH Repos: use pagination from patternfly-react
Applied in changeset commit:katello|112de8c129e484ac4e8f6f56e9ae4693d877f11c.


02:14 PM Katello Revision 112de8c1 (katello): Fixes #22371, #22563 - Add pagination and filtering to RH repos
10:37 AM Hammer CLI Bug #22906 (Closed): Hammer requires logger only when it's executed as a bin
When hammer-cli is required form another gem, it doesn't include logger. That can cause issues in tests.


04:19 PM Foreman Bug #22901 (Ready For Testing): React components aren't loaded after hitting Back button on a tur...
When a user navigates to some foreman page via a turbolink link and then hits Back button in the browser, the previou...


10:12 AM Ansible Bug #22832 (New): Make sure CLI can manage ansible roles on hosts and hostgroups
Users must be able to:
* Assign roles to hosts and hostgroups (this might work right away with hammer's automaticall...
10:04 AM Ansible Bug #22831 (New): Add CLI commands for import, delete and obsolete
Create commands for importing, deleting and obsoleting ansible roles.
All commands should be able to work with bot...
09:58 AM Ansible Bug #22830 (New): Crate a hammer plugin that lists ansible roles
Create a basic skeleton of plugin with commands for listing and showing details (if it makes sense) about ansible rol...
09:54 AM Templates Feature #21601 (Closed): CLI plugin with import and export commands
The plugin has been created:
and released:
09:51 AM Templates Bug #22829 (New): CLI commands should be renamed and moved to first level
Commands in the hammer plugin should be renamed to avoid clashes with import functionality in foreman core....

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