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08:59 AM Hammer CLI Feature #22253: Extend option validators to validate resolved options
I'll add a few comments:
* Validation objects should be kept in the same array as option sources to enable mixing th...


01:40 PM Hammer CLI Bug #22171: create a host from hammer CLI to VMWare with error "Ressource host not found by id" w...
can you please provide output of the hammer command with -d (full debug vs. just verbose -v) and also the ser...


03:31 PM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#539)


09:47 AM Foreman Bug #22037 (New): Compute attributes create and update API miss validations
Compute attributes crate and update API actions don't validate the attributes. It blindly accepts and saves any hash....


01:32 PM Templates Feature #21601: CLI plugin with import and export commands
The plugin should extend the template command provided by hammer-cli-foreman with two more sub-commands:...


10:00 AM Katello Bug #18341: API sort hash is not working, but sort_by and sort_order are working but undocumented
Ideally we unify the parameters with 'order' and 'by' that foreman uses today.
The steps should be:
* document the ...


04:01 PM Katello Bug #21809 (Closed): Visiting /smart_proxies/:id with Bastion fails 'undefined method include_plu...
Applied in changeset commit:katello|652ba187a213358cad45e72a0b1633bc571782b8.
03:31 PM Katello Revision 652ba187 (katello): Fixes #21809 - include bastion helpers for the proxy detail page
02:22 PM Katello Bug #21809 (Assigned): Visiting /smart_proxies/:id with Bastion fails 'undefined method include_p...


12:23 PM Katello Bug #21866 (New): hammer --version prints unknown version for the csv plugin

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