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03:50 PM foreman-tasks Bug #22252 (Duplicate): undefined method `back_url' for #<ForemanTasks::TasksController:0x007f615...
To Reproduce:
1. In Foreman, click resume on a paused task in the Foreman tasks UI
Actual: undefined method


06:31 PM Website Revision 88c4d0be (theforemanorg): Fix a few oversights with 3.5 docs


07:09 PM Katello Bug #21368 (Needs design): Canceling the Actions::Pulp::Repository::RegenerateApplicability task ...
06:56 PM Katello Bug #21903 (Needs design): Uninstaller uninstalls salt
06:50 PM Katello Bug #21937 (Need more information): Composite Add CV page does not distinguish Docker/Yum/Ostree
Partha, would you please explain the motivation for this issue?
06:39 PM Katello Bug #21110: virt-who cant talk to foreman anymore
This requires a new version of candlepin to be released and packaged with Katello.
06:37 PM Katello Bug #21724 (Rejected): Sync-Plans work only when executed manually
Feel free to reopen if you're still seeing the issue. Please provide more information if you do reopen it.


03:44 PM Katello Bug #21951 (New): Content view version export should give a user friendly error when trying to ex...
Users cannot export 'On Demand' repositories. We should enforce this with a friendly error message if a user tries to...
03:01 PM Katello Bug #21763 (Closed): katello README links are broken
Applied in changeset commit:katello|3cf145e59a7cc8e1654fc717c999d6f7767d8689.
02:28 PM Katello Revision 3cf145e5 (katello): Fixes #21763: s/ README

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