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09:09 PM Packaging Revision 96a106d2 (foreman-packaging): Bump smart-proxy-ansible to 2.0.2


03:00 PM Packaging Revision 6240c1f2 (foreman-packaging): Add foreman-journald package


12:43 PM Foreman Refactor #22880 (Ready For Testing): Move to Minitest::Retry for integration tests
Since our integration tests are quite flaky, at times because of DNS problems or similar, I suggest we move away from...


07:22 PM Katello Bug #22867 (Closed): Configurable 'expiring soon' days
The number of days before a subscription is counted as 'expires soon' is 120, hardcoded in pool.rb. Users should be a...


11:18 PM Ansible Bug #22846 (New): SELinux rules to share the console output
With SELinux enabled, there is an SELinux error that prevents the output from being streamed from Ansible to Foreman ...
11:16 PM Ansible Bug #22845 (New): python-requests should be installed for the callback
The callback needs python-requests to work. The installer should install it alongside the foreman-proxy Ansible plugi...
11:15 PM Ansible Bug #22844 (New): Callback environment variables should be set
The environment variables for the callback should be set by the installer in /etc/sysconfig/foreman-proxy and /etc/en...
11:14 PM Installer Bug #22843 (Ready For Testing): .ansible.cfg should contain host_key_checking=False
The ansible.cfg file used for the foreman-proxy user should contain host_key_checking=False, as on the first Ansible ...
11:12 PM Installer Feature #22842 (Ready For Testing): Create .ansible in ~foreman-proxy
The installer should create a folder called .ansible on the foreman-proxy user root ~
11:11 PM Ansible Tracker #22841 (New): Installer should set up the Ansible proxy
Tracker for related issues to installer, Ansible and the smart-proxy

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