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12:47 PM Foreman Bug #23578 (New): bootable flag doesn't save in ovirt V4 when creating new VM


07:03 AM Foreman Bug #4761 (Rejected): Able to create ovirt compute instance without a Storage Domain
In case there is no storage volume attach to the VM, the VM fail to start because it doesn't have at least one bootab...
06:48 AM Foreman Feature #14150 (Rejected): shared templates and iso images
This feature doesn't exist in Ovirt, therefore we cannot apply it.
06:46 AM Foreman Bug #11790 (Closed): VNCProxy Error: WebSocket server
06:43 AM Foreman Bug #13179 (Closed): oVirt Network selection doesn't select the right network during building host
The bug is gone after upgrading Ovirt.


12:52 PM Foreman Feature #5791 (Duplicate): Support for setting console and HA options in ovirt.
The request for high availability support is a duplication of this bug:
12:15 PM Foreman Bug #2337 (Duplicate): Attempting to edit a host when you have multiple clusters does not work right
Duplication of this issue:
11:21 AM Foreman Bug #23537 (New): Interfaces are not applied correctly to the Ovirt template selected.
1. Ovirt: Create a template, with 2 interfaces.
2. Foreman: Create a new host, choose the template in step 1 and ch...


02:01 PM Foreman Feature #18429 (Closed): API to configure trends
Applied in changeset commit:b7cb483f9cfe413ef86bec82932ad1cefa5e6d2d.
01:13 PM Foreman Revision b7cb483f: Fixes #18429 - Add foreman API support for trends

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