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11:36 AM Discovery Bug #22297 (Ready For Testing): pagination does not work correctly.
By default 20 items must be displayed on the current page but if you have 20 items and
want to show only 5 then the...


08:55 AM Discovery Bug #22257 (Ready For Testing): [refactoring] Discovery Rule should not be created without Taxonomy.


07:06 AM Foreman Bug #22207 (New): [Regression]Create a new group for required taxonomies.
If location and organization need to be asked as a required field,
then we need to specify them separately like don...


02:42 PM Foreman Bug #22137 (New): The satellite-change-hostname does not change HOSTNAME environment variable.
Description of problem:
After changing hostname of system environment variable is still showing old hostname, we s...
01:01 PM Bastion Bug #22134 (Closed): Pagination issue: "Next Page" and "Last Page" options are not working on th...
Description of problem:
Pagination issue: "Next Page" and "Last Page" options are not working on the "Errata" tab fo...
12:59 PM Katello Bug #22133 (New): The 'Content Host' page's 'Set Release Version' Action does not render any page
Go to Satellite WebUI and open 'Content Hosts' page, select hosts here and then from 'Select Action' drop down click ...
12:36 PM Hammer CLI Bug #22132 (New): [RFE] Addition of compliance status to hammer host info command
*Steps to Reproduce:*
1. Run hammer host info --id <id> against a host
2. There is no compliance status info , unli...
07:20 AM Discovery Bug #22121 (New): Failed to refresh facts on discovered host for custom fact in the discovery_hos...
Description of problem: Refreshing fact on discovered host with custom facts set using manual network setup (see att...


11:01 AM Hammer CLI Bug #22094 (Closed): Fix the naming in functional test.
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-foreman|1477d136a2cef9f66aa96d3f6c35c1cef1e8c384.
11:01 AM Hammer CLI Feature #12999 (Closed): Rename add-override-value to add-matcher under sc-param.
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-foreman|2f40c76e0ea611e8f00f6fb49c57c043e5fccbab.

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