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Reported issues: 838


05:36 PM Boot disk Support #22283: Bootdisk generates empty iso
Ensure the host exists. Ensure the directory is writeable by foreman user. Add missing ISO extension:
12:35 PM Foreman Feature #6752: Audit Log File
Note we already have logger called "audit", there are few messages sent during fact import. Please use that logger an...
12:33 PM Boot disk Support #22283: Bootdisk generates empty iso
Hey, we don't know what is your error. Check production.log there you have it.


03:01 PM Discovery Bug #22112 (Closed): Discovery image unable to configure network via DHCP on the first attempt
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-discovery-image|fdda93ffdeb87c5387e363ced689ed388868c534.
02:29 PM Katello Feature #22248: MondoDB enterprise support
Hello, are you asking for some installer options to be able to deploy against external MongoDB?
Anyway, the only c...
02:05 PM Discovery Revision fdda93ff (foreman-discovery-image): Fixes #22112 - PXE-less DHCP first attempt fixed (#99)


02:21 PM Foreman Bug #22192: Fact import code does not work with VLAN primary NIC
Here is the test that is failing, put it into host_test.rb and see yourself. Will take a quick look tomorrow, but I h...
12:56 PM Foreman Refactor #22219 (New): Refactor validate_media? to be hookable
Katello plugin needs to hook into validate_media? method. When Bootdisk added new provisioning method, there are now ...
09:17 AM Discovery Refactor #22210 (New): Support for Puppet 4
We use Puppet from EPEL, we need to prepare for rebase soon. As part of this ticket, let's add Puppet PC1 repo and te...


02:15 PM Discovery Bug #22193 (Ready For Testing): Priorize primary NIC with IP address
During primary NIC detection, when multiple NICs has same MAC address, the one with IP address must be preferred. Thi...

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