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02:14 PM Ansible Bug #22896 (Ready For Testing): Ansible Remote Execution jobs do not fall back to the REX ssh pri...
When there is no private key set for Ansible to use for ssh connections it currently does not fall back on REXs ssh s...


12:17 PM Ansible Bug #22790 (New): Ansible callback still trying to add a certificate when SSL verification is dis...
When running Ansible with `FOREMAN_SSL_VERIFY=False` the actual request call still requires a certificate from the lo...
11:40 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#570)


06:30 PM Foreman Feature #22779 (Closed): Calculate out of sync host via origin specific interval setting


09:16 AM Foreman Wiki edit: Current_Sprint_Information (#557)


07:12 AM Foreman Feature #22310 (Closed): Identify Reports via origin
Reports should be identified on import and set with the origin of what submitted the report.
05:45 AM Foreman Bug #22309 (New): Document compute resource specific HTTP proxy feature


01:28 PM Docker Bug #21893 (Closed): GET /docker/api/v2/containers returns SQL error when sending optional comput...
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
# With compute_resou...
12:51 PM Docker Bug #21892 (New): Docker - containers log endpoint tries to connect to local /var/run/docker.sock...
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
Reading docker contain...


09:11 AM Katello Bug #21319 (New): If you delete an org, it will still show as a possible org in the menu drop down
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
If you have multiple o...

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