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01:57 PM Foreman Bug #22908 (Ready For Testing): missing placeholder in datatable search inputs


05:32 PM Foreman Bug #22713 (Closed): Donut chart fails to re-render when data is unloaded
Applied in changeset commit:b9ec31be65210a0ab87202fa95f764f8998ccc51.
01:46 PM Foreman Revision b9ec31be: Fixes #22713 - fix donut chart re-rendering


09:04 AM Foreman Bug #22713 (Closed): Donut chart fails to re-render when data is unloaded


03:05 PM Foreman Bug #22685 (Ready For Testing): Statistics page loading time is too long
10:01 AM Foreman Refactor #22108 (Closed): use patternfly-react charts
Applied in changeset commit:a9270dc4213e1c09a5b53f5f0303566c819b565e.
09:55 AM Foreman Revision a9270dc4: Fixes #22108 - add pf-react donut chart


07:03 PM Foreman Bug #21425 (Closed): multiple hosts selection alert does not refer to params[:per_page]
Applied in changeset commit:53b80ce359cf9b82e3268bce03dc9e68b600785f.
07:03 PM Foreman Bug #19332 (Closed): Missing welcome screen
Applied in changeset commit:a00419f62a6f93a4e2593fa1b0de36ee6d76b0e2.


03:32 PM Foreman Revision 53b80ce3: Fixes #21425 - host selection alert refers to param per_page
Multiple host selection alert only mention settings[:per_page],
though pagination has been changed,
now the user can ...

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