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10:58 AM Katello Revision becd2e1c (puppet-pulp): Fix travis build status badge (#290)


01:57 PM Katello Revision a955c407 (puppet-pulp): Verify successful bind when creating pulp_rpmbind (#279)
Solves 2 problems
* pulp-consumer rpm bind returns 0 even if the repo doesn't exist
* Binding is asynchronous, so...


04:30 AM Foreman Feature #20782 (New): Option to send 'host built' emails for all hosts to a user
Currently, it is possible for a user to subscribe to 'host built' emails for hosts where they are the owner.
I have ...


09:35 AM Foreman Wiki edit: VMware_ESXi (#23)
Fixed "Informing Foreman that we are built" URL


06:36 AM foreman-tasks Bug #12464: 784: unexpected token in url
I'm hitting this too in 1.15.2 (although I think I initially created and ran the task when running 1.14.x)...


10:06 AM Foreman Bug #20271: Safe mode rendering does not correctly prevent using symbol to proc calls
This possibly should be reopened until is resolved.


07:04 AM Katello Revision b9155f97 (puppet-pulp): LDAP authentication support (#221)
For those who want to implement


02:11 PM Katello Revision ae84a4fc (puppet-pulp): Remove mongodb_version fact
A couple of issues.
1. `lib/facter/facts.rb` is a really bad name for a fact file since it has
to be unique across a...
02:11 PM Katello Revision 897430f7 (puppet-pulp): Remove all use of mongodb_version fact
Support for EL6 has been dropped. In EL7, EPEL provides mongodb > 2.6.0
so the version check in the template is no l...
09:18 AM Katello Revision c37fa170 (puppet-pulp): Add pulp_consumer facts (#233)
This commit adds `pulp_consumer_id` and `pulp_consumer_server` facts.
It's useful to know if you're already register...

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