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04:08 PM Katello Bug #15775 (Closed): katello-certs-check should print absolute paths to certificates
Description of problem:
The script currently outputs installer suggestions. However, it will use whatever relative p...


04:59 PM Website Bug #11077 (Duplicate): latest news section creeps up the page, when navigating
When navigation around the documentation page, the latest news section will continue to move up the page until it rea...


10:37 AM Katello Bug #7901 (Duplicate): Pages fail to load correctly
When navigating to any of the pages below, the user is presented with a blank screen. Opening the browser console out...


02:03 PM Katello Feature #7843 (Rejected): Return UUID for created Activation Key
In relation to BZ 1127335, QE requests that a UUID is returned on the creation of an activation key. This will allow ...

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