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03:07 PM Packaging Revision 69188d85 (foreman-packaging): fixes #22060 - clean up if postgres lacks write access


03:52 PM Packaging Bug #22060: Clean up postgres write-access failure in katello-backup
Solution for after FailedQA


10:51 PM Packaging Bug #22060 (New): Clean up postgres write-access failure in katello-backup
Currently services are restarted in cleanup even if services were never stopped. There is also creation of backup dir...


09:28 PM Katello Revision 7d166b12 (katello): fixes #21275 - content-override needs unique name identifier
09:01 PM Katello Bug #21275 (Closed): content-override done by hammer has no effect when using AK
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-katello|fe18baf2dbffad45e47b54f265329f0f31abde5f.
08:36 PM Katello Revision 52388edf (hammer-cli-katello): Merge pull request #530 from cfouant/content_override
fixes #21275 - unique identifier needed for content-override name


05:27 PM Katello Revision fe18baf2 (hammer-cli-katello): fixes #21275 - unique identifier needed for content-overr...


03:48 PM Hammer CLI Bug #21707 (Ready For Testing): Match root user prefix to command
Message for installing CA certs state "as root you can install..." but then show the commands with `$` prefix rather ...


07:56 AM Katello Bug #21270 (Closed): katello-backup does not backup custom certificates and need to ensure katell...
Applied in changeset commit:katello-packaging|e1b76c02654747389de0d19979cc2b28554225c4.


06:56 PM Katello Revision e1b76c02 (katello-packaging): fixes #21270 - custom certificates added to backup

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