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02:08 AM Katello Bug #22889 (Ready For Testing): Add Zypper plugin to upload Enabled repos report
02:03 AM Katello Bug #22889 (Ready For Testing): Add Zypper plugin to upload Enabled repos report
Host tools must provide a way to add enabled repos for suse zypper similar to what it does for yum.


10:00 PM Runcible Bug #22803 (New): As a user I would like to skip srpms on sync
Given a yum repo that has both rpms and srpms some users want an option to be able exclude syncing srpms
08:53 PM Runcible Bug #22802 (New): Create a Skip list for yum importer
Yum importer offers a "s...


12:51 AM Katello Bug #22748 (Rejected): As a user I would like to get selectable columns for Subscriptions
As a API user I should be able to get a list of selectable columns and values for subscriptions.
Look at https://use...


01:01 AM Katello Feature #21994 (Closed): Auto publish Composite if component updates
Applied in changeset commit:katello|580f7f808d9b06bbf5ee2f947e121008caf583f6.
12:47 AM Katello Revision 580f7f80 (katello): Fixes #21994 - Auto Publish composite
This commit contains code to auto publish a composite when a component
CV updates.
When a component cv publishes it c...


04:37 AM Foreman Feature #22624 (Ready For Testing): Add api support for user selectable columns
One of the desirable UI RFEs is to have support for "user selectable" columns. For example on pages like host list or...


03:01 PM Katello Bug #20022 (Closed): Add action to force remove metadata from a repo to fix sync problem
Applied in changeset commit:katello|13c3176abdf86ef61de7a3f2e899a1118ad8be10.
02:42 PM Katello Revision 13c3176a (katello): Fixes #20022 - Clear yummetadata on validate sync
Many users have hit issues with sync failing due to metadata corruption.
The sync with "Validate Contents" does thing...

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