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03:53 PM Hammer CLI Bug #22906 (Closed): Hammer requires logger only when it's executed as a bin
12:23 PM Katello Bug #22907 (Assigned): Expose params to configure remote MongoDB connection
12:22 PM Katello Bug #22907 (Ready For Testing): Expose params to configure remote MongoDB connection
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
puppet-pulp has parame...


04:29 PM Packaging Revision d05f073d (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-hammer_cli_foreman to 0.12.1


10:41 PM Packaging Revision a535a7eb (foreman-packaging): Update hammer_cli_foreman to 0.12.1
10:01 AM Hammer CLI Bug #22718 (Closed): Hammer does not error when not all items in list of ids are resolved
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-foreman|b05b541848e59a21d6f67b7decfc3151933bbfc6.
09:37 AM Hammer CLI Revision b05b5418 (hammer-cli-foreman): Fixes #22718 - raise error when wrong number of ids is re...


03:45 PM Foreman Maintain Revision f95fdb17 (foreman_maintain): Add context into scenario
Context adds to scenario an ability to distribute own parameters
to included executables. Scenario accepts parameters...
03:30 PM Katello Bug #22517: Can't create a hostgroup, organization error
Jan, according to my information the broken Katello pipeline is currently waiting on
12:22 PM Foreman Maintain Bug #21740 (Assigned): Reenable sync step fails when hammer is not properly configured

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