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08:02 PM Foreman Bug #22191: Bookmarks Inline Deletion
would something like https://rawgit.com/srambach/BxMS-frontend/management-dock/mgmt-dock.html work too?
(see the boo...


01:55 PM Foreman Bug #22190 (Closed): Error performing CreateRssNotifications


03:41 PM Foreman Feature #22174: Add password verification box where applicable in Foreman Web UI
note that there is a WIP pr(https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/pull/4882) that adds a react component for pw valid...


03:13 PM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #22168 (Closed): unable to submit job - ActiveModel::ForbiddenAttributesError: ActiveModel::F...
01:36 PM Foreman Bug #22167 (New): dashboard configuration chart no longer link to relevant host list
before (I think) #19615 it was possible to click on the chart and get to the relevant host list.


11:03 AM Foreman Bug #22140: upgrade react-ellipsis-with-tooltip
the reason for this upgrade is that previous version generated an incorrect (and larger) webpack bundle.


07:02 AM Discovery Feature #13805: Add live_ram option to the PXE-less ISO
I assume this is not really urgent? (being open for over two years?) - resetting to normal - feel free to change back.


11:21 AM Foreman Bug #22114 (Closed): foreman webpack vendor asset file can change if plugins are installed
Currently, webpack generates two JS bundles, one called bundle and the other is vendor. additional bundles are create...


11:40 AM Foreman Bug #20929: Huge table "fact_names" makes Foreman crawl
1.17 wasn't branched yet, so this is part of 1.17 then..


02:15 PM Foreman Revision 2eddee69: refs #21630 - do not collect code coverage for stories.

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