Bug #16105

DNS entries are not created if discovery hostname is the same as the provisioned (managed) host name

Added by Imri Zvik almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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For example, if the hostname of the discovered host is 'foo.example.com' (coming from custom fact, for example), and that is the hostname you provision the host, and use the IP already allocated to the machine in the discovery process (by DHCP), Orchestration::DNS.pending_dns_record_changes? will return false, and thus will not create DNS records for the host.
I see few possibilities for remediation:
  1. Make pending_dns_record_changes? actually check for the existence of the DNS records too
  2. Queue rebuild_dns in the discovered host controller (optionally only if pending_dns_record_changes? returns false
  3. Add transient attribute to the NIC or host model (force_dns_rebuild ?), that we can check in Orchestration::DNS.queue_dns and if it is true - queue rebuild_dns

Any thoughts?

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Revision fe529727
Added by Imri Zvik over 1 year ago

Fixes #16105 - Force DNS rebuild when provisioning discovered host


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I'd queue rebuild_dns (B option).

For the record, this does only happen if you explicitly associate domain.

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