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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assigned To Updated Category Target version
22923KatelloBugReady For TestingNormalRename "Yum Actions" to just "Actions"Stephen BenjaminStephen Benjamin03/16/2018 05:09 PMWeb UI
22922ForemanFeatureReady For TestingNormalPort robottelo tests for compute profilesOleg DovzhenkoOleg Dovzhenko03/16/2018 04:01 PM
22921ForemanBugNewNormalNot all host.params are available within the provisioning templateErik Geiger03/16/2018 03:13 PM
22920foreman-tasksBugReady For TestingNormalimport_facts.rb gives NoMethodErrorBjörn Zettergren03/17/2018 12:29 PM
22919KatelloBugReady For TestingNormalBastion_katello string extraction process results in duplicate strings.Bryan KearneyBryan Kearney03/16/2018 02:34 PM
22918ForemanFeatureReady For TestingNormalAudit every organization or location assignment changeMarek HulánMarek Hulán03/16/2018 02:35 PMAudit Log
22917KatelloBugNewNormalfailing foreman test on devel setup when ran with katello enabledJan Hutař03/16/2018 01:50 PM
22916ForemanFeatureReady For TestingNormalReports searching by last report column is confusingMarek HulánMarek Hulán03/16/2018 01:31 PMReporting
22915foreman-tasksFeatureReady For TestingNormalHave a Mechanism to Proactively Detect and Clean "orphaned" Dynflow TasksAdam RuzickaAdam Ruzicka03/16/2018 02:51 PM
22914KatelloFeatureNewNormalAs a user, I want to scope repository permissions by lifecycle environmentThomas McKayThomas McKay03/15/2018 05:54 PMRoles and Permissions
22913KatelloBugNewNormalInstaller - option to force candlepin to re-initialize on installJohn Mitsch03/15/2018 03:29 PMInstaller
22912ForemanBugNewNormalStuck vSphere API breaks ForemanTimo Goebel03/16/2018 08:31 AMCompute resources - VMware
22911KatelloBugReady For TestingNormalFix styling issues on the Red Hat Repositories PageWalden RainesWalden Raines03/15/2018 09:00 PMWeb UIForeman - Team UX - Iteration 29
22910ForemanFeatureReady For TestingNormalPort robottelo tests for environmentOleg DovzhenkoOleg Dovzhenko03/15/2018 03:04 PM
22909KatelloFeatureReady For TestingNormalAs an API user, I want to delete subscriptions from my allocation.Jonathon TurelJonathon Turel03/16/2018 05:44 PMSubscriptions
22908ForemanBugReady For TestingNormalmissing placeholder in datatable search inputsAmir FeferAmir Fefer03/18/2018 02:49 PMWeb Interface
22907KatelloBugReady For TestingNormalExpose params to configure remote MongoDB connectionMartin BacovskyMartin Bacovsky03/15/2018 01:52 PMInstallerForeman - Team Ivan Iteration 29
22905KatelloBugReady For TestingNormalRemove devel scenario and module from installerEric HelmsEric Helms03/14/2018 11:50 PM
22904ForemanBugNewLowHost created from a clone, interface type not using Compute Profile setting.Mike Wilson03/14/2018 08:51 PMCompute resources - VMware
22903ForemanBugNewLowHost creation required override but accepted, VM is NOT powered on.Mike Wilson03/14/2018 08:48 PMCompute resources - VMware
22901ForemanBugReady For TestingNormalReact components aren't loaded after hitting Back button on a turbolinkTomáš StrachotaAmir Fefer03/18/2018 02:47 PMWeb Interface
22900KatelloBugNewNormalAdd breadcrumbs to RH Subscriptions pageWalden Raines03/14/2018 03:54 PMSubscriptionsForeman - Team UX - Iteration 29
22899ForemanBugNewNormalRBAC model allows users to steal shared records from other users.roman plevka03/16/2018 01:00 PMOrganizations and Locations
22898ForemanBugNewNormalPreview fails on /clone_template - 404 returnedroman plevka03/14/2018 03:08 PMTemplates
22896AnsibleBugReady For TestingNormalAnsible Remote Execution jobs do not fall back to the REX ssh private keySebastian GräßlSebastian Gräßl03/14/2018 02:17 PM

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